#42: Don’t Believe The Hype


This is episode 42 of Evil Sugar Radio. In this episode, we take on a number of habits including Tracy Anderson’s new workout for men, misconceptions about sugar, Paleo FX, how much weight to put on health news, widespread belief in health conspiracy theories, and how orthorexia is an evolutionary protective mechanism gone wild.

We also have a handful of listener questions discussing alcohol, developing intuitive eating habits, nutrient-dense foods, low-carb/keto diets, and what our diets and exercise look like.

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Episode 42 Overview

Here’s an overview of what we’ll be talking about in this episode:

  • Intro – 0:00
  • Hot Topics in Health & Fitness – 2:50
    • Tracy Anderson for Men – 3:30
    • Misconceptions about sugar – 9:00
    • Paleo FX – 13:15
    • The media and health news – 19:30
    • Health conspiracy theories – 21:30
    • Orthorexia and evolution – 28:20
  • Listener Questions – 33:10
    • Alcohol – 34:45
    • Dr. Bernstein, AGEs, and “Should I go keto or low-carb?” – 45:50
    • Binge eating, calorie counting, and developing intuitive eating habits – 53:30
    • Nutrient density, intuitive eating, and lab testing – 1:06:00
    • Scott & Antonio’s diet and exercise – 1:22:05

Show Notes

Tracy Anderson Brings Her Method to Men

This Is What Happens When You Give Up Sugar for One Year

No link found between saturated fat and heart disease

The Association between Eating Behavior and Various Health Parameters

Health conspiracy theories are widely believed

“What’s the Harm”: The Body Count of Pseudoscience

Trypophobia, Orthorexia, and Evolutionary Protection

Music Credit

Intro music from Baba Brinkman’s Revenge of the Somatic. Purchase any of Baba’s music at http://bababrinkman.bandcamp.com/


  1. Hey guys,
    I really appreciate the response on this latest podcast. I got you guys mixed up on the dessert thing. I think it was actually Scott who referenced not really going nuts over all these desserts at Christmas. So my bad, got you mixed up and didn’t contextualize.
    Definitely appreciate hearing your approx. Caloric intake and your activity. I feel like I’m starving on a 2500 Calorie/day diet sometimes. I run a bit in the mornings usually 5-10km, and do about 60 mins weight training in the evenings 5 days a week. The rest of my days are spent chasing my 11 month old son around the house.
    Haven’t heard of Burn. I was more in to mainstream hardcore… Black Flag, Fugazi, Exploited, DK, The Dicks, Misfits, Fear, etc. Not much of a local hardcore scene in Halifax.
    Well, I just wanted to say I appreciate the shout back. Sorry I mixed you guys up and didn’t really get my point across clearly. I’m one of those dude who, like Carl, feel like eating what I want has been a big reason why I’ve never looked like a fit guy. It’s only been since I’ve been more restrictive that I’ve seen some positive results. So yeah it was more about wondering how the hell anyone could eat junk and stay fit. But I get it, we’re all different and I should talk to a trainer/RD to have my specifics looked after. Can’t really afford either right now, but I know what I gotta do.
    Your podcast has been a great source of inspiration for me. Before I found you I was listening to 30+ Men’s fitness (compete BS podcast) and Road to Ripped… You wanna talk Orthorexic…
    Thanx for all you guys do. I recommend you to everyone and hope you continue this long into the future.