#51: CJ – A Day in the Life of a Triathlete


This is episode 51 of Evil Sugar Radio. In this episode, we interview CJ. CJ is a former Paleo blogger who is now mostly vegetarian and races Iron-distance triathlons. We talk to him about a day in the life of a triathlete, getting a glimpse into the lifestyle, training, and diet of a high performance distance athlete.

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Episode 51 Overview

Here’s an overview of what we’ll be talking about in this episode:

  • Intro – 0:00
  • What are you up to these days? Where are you living now? – 1:25
  • Why did you move to Hawaii? – 2:15
  • What are you training for now? What’s your training look like? – 3:00
  • What’s your sports background? Have you always been into distance? – 7:45
  • How did you go from fat, sick, and nearly dead to sugar eating triathlete? – 10:40
  • What did your diet look like when you were Paleo? – 12:20
  • What does a low-carb raw vegan diet look like? – 18:35
  • What’s your diet look like now? – 20:45
  • Is there a ton of fruit available because you’re in Hawaii? – 22:50
  • Is Coca-Cola better than orange juice or pineapple juice? – 26:15
  • What about supplements? – 27:15
  • Outside of fruit, do you eat meat, eggs, etc? – 30:20
  • How many bananas a day do you eat? – 31:15
  • How’s your sleep? Do you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep? How many hours a night do you sleep? – 36:50
  • How do you stay motivated for all of your long training days? – 43:10
  • Why do you use blackstrap molasses? – 46:50
  • Do you eat good Hawaiian seafood? – 50:00
  • What do you do for recovery and regeneration? Massage? Magic bracelets? – 51:30
  • If you could reform or upgrade the fitness industry, what improvements would you make? – 55:25

Music Credit

Intro music from Baba Brinkman’s Revenge of the Somatic. Purchase any of Baba’s music at http://bababrinkman.bandcamp.com/


  1. Scott must have done a lot of editing, because I’d swear there was a lot more mindless babbling done on my part. Haha

  2. I was so disappointed. CJ seems to epitomize the type of eating you are always warning us about, yet you didn’t call him out on it. Don’t you think getting all your carbs from bananas and rice is a little strange, especially when CJ burns so many calories? He says that potatoes give him heartburn and bread agrees best with his system, yet he won’t eat bread because it has no nutrition! Sounds like he has wheat-phobia. Bread has plenty of nutrition. Yet he drinks that super-food Coke? Come on now. CJ is an example of someone with an extreme diet, when he could just relax and enjoy the great variety of wonderful healthy food that’s available. He would probably be healthier for it, too. Sorry you guys didn’t take the opportunity to point this out.

    • Alice,

      They didn’t point it out the bread thing… because they’ve known me for years. I can see where you’re a little confused on that though. The reference was to white bread (ie.. Wonderbread types etc..). I don’t eat that stuff as a dietary staple really ever, because there are better bread options. Follow my twitter feed and you’ll see. This week alone I ate 4 loaves of bread, 3 boxes of Spaghetti, and used a box of Powerbar waffles while exercising. Not to mention last night’s dinner of about 3,000cals of fettuccine and cake. I’m hardly a wheat phobe.

      Funny enough, white bread was a topic I wanted to talk about specifically, but we didn’t get the chance to. White bread is actually a “go to” food for me during competition because it processes in the body so easily. This was the direction we were going for with the “Superfood” Coke as well.

      P.S. If I relax anymore, my heart will probably stop beating. I don’t get wound up about food “science” because frankly I find most of it deeply bias and easy to poke holes in. Most my thoughts on nutrition are based around personal experience and analyzing information from those who ask me to consult them.