#67: Tamara Reynolds – PE Teacher on Training Kids & Body Image

PE Teacher on Training Kids & Body Image

This is episode 67 of Evil Sugar Radio. In this episode, we interview Tamara Reynolds. Tamara is a PE teacher and weightlifting coach. She is also the owner of Asheville Strength, as well as Weight Lifting Academy.

Tamara is USAW-certified and has lots of tips for coaching young athletes, simple changes for impressive weight loss results, creating positive changes in mental and physical health, and measuring health instead of body fat. She also has one of the best named sites on the internet at Lift Like A Grown Ass Woman.

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Episode 67 Overview

Here’s an overview of what we’ll be talking about in this episode:

  • 1:10 – Who are you? What do you do?
  • 2:00 – So some of what you do is classroom teaching and some is in the gym or outdoors?
  • 4:00 – What’s your background in athletics? Have you always been an athlete?
  • 5:20 – You did both CrossFit and Paleo for awhile. Can you share some experiences and lessons from that? What made you leave behind Paleo/CF?
  • 15:15 – What do you do at Asheville Strength?
  • 20:50 – What is Weightlifting Academy?
  • 22:15 – How do you teach PE to kids without having a gym or sufficient equipment?
  • 27:45 – What is good for kids and parents to know about the benefits of exercise outside of strength or fat loss?
  • 35:20 – How do you teach teenagers to measure their progress and their health?
  • 39:00 – What about overbearing parents?
  • 40:30 – Has there ever been any issue being a female weightlifting coach?
  • 42:30 – Who are your best student athletes and what makes them so?
  • 46:30 – Your bio says that you “strive to challenge society’s views about body image and weight”. What are a few things you tell your teens & students?
  • 50:40 – Can you talk about your “dryer door analogy” in regards to life and fitness?
  • 55:10 – If you could give a couple pieces of positive advice to the fitness industry, what would you suggest?

Show Notes

The 48 Laws of Donuts: How To Succeed at Weightlifting ( http://tinyurl.com/kc9djtk )

Is the fat girl really fat? Is it all in the scale, all in your mind, or all in your goals? ( http://tinyurl.com/n2tjx2f )

Of Tantrums And Depression: How A Load Of Laundry Can Change Your Life ( http://tinyurl.com/kzdequy )

Can architecture make you fat? ( http://tinyurl.com/nj4jhua )

When Simply Looking In The Mirror Brings Tears To Your Eyes: Vanessa’s Journey From Obese to Athlete ( http://tinyurl.com/kc4omqe )

Music Credit

Intro music from Baba Brinkman’s Revenge of the Somatic. Purchase any of Baba’s music at http://bababrinkman.bandcamp.com/