#69: Dave Dellanave – Biofeedback, Eustress vs Distress Training, & Tips For Beginners

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This is episode 69 of Evil Sugar Radio. In this episode, we interview Dave Dellanave. Dave is a strength and fitness coach and owner of the Movement Minneapolis gym.

Dave’s website is Dellanave.com. You can sign up for Dave’s free Gym Movement eCourse at his site.

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Episode 69 Overview

Here’s an overview of what we’ll be talking about in this episode:

  • 1:15 – In your article “Taking Back Function,” you talk about people doing silly things on stability balls and calling it functional training. What is functional training? What isn’t functional training?
  • 4:00 – Where do you draw the line between something that’s genuinely functional and something that is a dog and pony show?
  • 7:00 – Can you talk about hypo- and hyper-function? What does it mean and how is it useful for our listeners?
  • 9:30 – What is biofeedback training and biofeedback testing and how can people use it?
  • 13:25 – What is a Jefferson deadlift? How is it different from a normal deadlift?
  • 16:45 – Your thoughts on the CrossFit idea of “We train for the unknown and the unknowable.”
  • 19:00 – How do you approach training different people and different goals?
  • 21:40 – Could you give some advice for beginner lifters on setting up their own programs?
  • 24:00 – Is that advice mainly for beginners or does it hold for intermediate and advanced lifters, too?
  • 26:00 – How long do you think a workout should be?
  • 27:50 – What about specific vs non-specific exercises?
  • 30:00 – What are the concepts of “eustress training” and “distress training”?
  • 32:30 – How do you gauge whether you’re in eustress or distress?
  • 33:20 – How does this relate to DOMS?
  • 36:00 – Do you have an opinion on front squats vs back squats?
  • 37:20 – What about cardio? Do you work cardio into your clients’ programs?
  • 38:40 – Can you talk about your free Gym Movement eCourse?
  • 40:40 – What about managing stress for your clients?
  • 43:35 – What about current or upcoming projects?
  • 45:35 – If you could give a couple pieces of positive advice to the fitness industry, what would you suggest?
  • 46:25 – What direction would you encourage a new trainer to go in terms of certifications and education?

Show Notes

Taking Back Function

Getting Started with Biofeedback Training

More Work, Less Time, Smarter Conditioning

Music Credit

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  1. This was my first time listening and it…was…awesome. If I have an hour with DD those are the exact questions I would have asked. Thank you!