#87: Rannoch Donald – Long-Term Success, Dealing with Cancer, Centenarians

Rannoch Donald - Foundations for long-term fitness success, centenarians, blue zones

This is episode 87 of Evil Sugar Radio. In this episode, we interview Rannoch Donald of 100 Rep Challenge and Earth Strength. Rannoch is a health, fitness, and movement coach in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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Episode 87 Overview

Here’s an overview of what we’ll be talking about in this episode:

  • 0:45 – Where are you located?
  • 2:30 – What do you do there in Scotland? What is your 100 rep challenge?
  • 7:20 – What do you mean when you say they fuck up their Central Nervous System?
  • 13:50 – What ideas can you offer for beginners to pursue long-term wellness and success?
  • 20:50 – Didn’t you get in a fight with Anthony Bourdain?
  • 25:25 – Can you share your recent experiences with your wife’s cancer and the lessons you’ve learned from that?
  • 36:40 – Do doctors and pharmaceutical companies want to cure cancer?
  • 40:00 – What are you wrong about?
  • 46:30 – Fitness professionals acting like therapists and clinicians
  • 51:15 – Optimization, efficiency, and effectiveness
  • 53:15 – Politics & Donald Trump
  • 59:15 – What can we as the fitness community do to improve human health and well-being?
  • 1:04:50 – Where can people find you?

Show Notes

100 Rep Challenge

Earth Strength