#10: Armi Legge – Athletics, Nutrition, & Eating Disorders

Armi Legge of Impruvism.com

This is episode 10 of Evil Sugar Radio. In this episode, we interview Armi Legge of Impruvism.com. Armi brings the experience of working with several big names in the health and fitness world (including a little discussion of what really goes on behind the scenes), as well as a background of athleticism and insight into the prevalence of eating disorders in athletics.

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Episode 10 Overview

Here’s an overview of what we’ll be talking about in this episode:

  • Who is Armi Legge?
  • Where is the line from hardcore to orthorexic to eating disordered?
  • Are eating disorders nature or nurture?
  • What about authors, bloggers, diet gurus promoting restrictive diets? Do they contribute to the problem? What about vegan and low-carb Paleo?
  • What kind of training do you do now?
  • Talk about the prevalence of eating disorders in general and in men specifically? What about in athletes and the fitness population, in general?
  • What do you think is causing the rise in prevalence of ED?
  • Is orthorexia an eating disorder?
  • What do you think about some of these diet people that are selling both the perfect diet and supplements and other products?
  • What’s your background in this field?
  • You wrote an article dissing clean eating. What are your thoughts on the response? So what is your message on what people should be eating?
  • Talk about your Impruvr app. Who is it for?
  • What’s next on the horizon?

Show Notes

Why Clean Eating Is A Myth

Why Calories Count


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