#16: How To Gauge Results & Understand Science

Are Oreos as addictive as cocaine?

This is episode 16 of Evil Sugar Radio. In this episode, we answer a few listener questions and discuss the Dashboard concept of health, using biofeedback to gauge the results of your diet and exercise programs. It’s not just about the scale and how your clothes fit!

But first, we take shots at some of the absolutely ridiculous things that we saw in the health and fitness world over the last few weeks, from claims that eating Oreos is as bad as mainlining cocaine to the inability of people to separate their ideas from their identity. And we’ll answer the burning questions on everyone’s mind: Are low-carb diets the mark of Satan? Are Halal meat trucks fronts for the Muslim Brotherhood? The truth will shock you!

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Episode 16 Overview

Here’s an overview of what we’ll be talking about in this episode:

  • This Week In Shenanigans
    • How many logical fallacies can people commit in one paragraph?
    • Was it the carbs or the removal of 2,000+ calories?
    • Low-carb: Satanic?
    • Alan Aragon & Antonio interviewed in Paleo Magazine
  • Listener Questions
    • Thoughts on Ray Peat?
    • How do I learn to do better science so that I can challenge the ideas presented on Evil Sugar Radio and elsewhere?
  • How do you gauge your health and the effectiveness of your diet and workouts?

Show Notes

Amber Rogers’ article on the straw man logical fallacy on Go Kaleo.com

Tim Minchin: Be Hard On Your Opinions on Zen Pencils.com

How science goes wrong on The Economist.com

Anthony Colpo’s article on the unreliability of diet studies at Anthony Colpo.com

Other Good Sites To Follow
Weightology (http://weightology.net/)

Anthony Colpo (http://anthonycolpo.com/)

Matt Stone’s “180 Degree Health” (http://180degreehealth.com/)

Danny Roddy (http://www.dannyroddy.com/)

Ark of Wellness (http://www.arkofwellness.com/)

Vision and Acceptance (http://www.visionandacceptance.com/)

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  1. Hey guys, you mentioned salt in this episode. Do you think you could point me in the direction of where to look for more information on that?


    As far as questions go, I’ve always been curious about the advantages and disadvantages of using processed foods when it comes to trying to build lean mass / eating a little bit more than appetite indicates. As a naturally skinny guy (who runs a community for naturally skinny guys), finding ways to comfortably increase appetite and caloric intake is a pretty big deal.

    I remember being 6’2 and 130 pounds and trying to force feed myself 100% “clean” calories for three months. Egg whites only style clean. (Whoops – great learning experience though.) I gained 20 pounds and my abs showed through even more clearly than before … but it was one of the most needlessly brutal periods of my life …

    As far as leveraging processed foods goes, studies like this one seem to show that it could work quite well:

    Admittedly I’m not the best at reviewing studies, but I passed it onto Alan Aragon and he reviewed it in one of his research reviews. He found that the study was fairly well conducted. (I’ve got the full study if you’d like it.)

    So it seems that processed foods consumed at a caloric surplus can indeed be quite effective when it comes to building mass, even leanly (especially in relatively untrained dudes).

    So as far as sugar goes, it seems like one huge potential advantage of it is that it allows us skinny muscle-builders to (enjoyably) squeeze out a little more appetite when we’re full and looking to eat a little more. It’s also seemingly a little easier to digest.

    … although perhaps that could also potentially be problematic. Combining junk food with a calorie surplus? Is that risky business?

    I’m always trying to learn more. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

    • Hey Shane,
      We took this question and made it part of the Listener Questions for Monday’s episode (it’ll be episode 17). We figured some other people probably have similar questions, so that’ll be a good way to address it.


  2. Best cover pic Ever. Well played ESR, well played. 😉 xo

  3. Hi guys, you talk about paleo eaters and how it is come for this diet to be high pufas.
    As a non paleo guy who loves his eggs and nuts i wondered about my own personal pufa levels
    I would be interested if you could link a few pufa studies and articles and your opinions on them.
    Maybe some idea of what dosages and rough guidelines that you think the research points to.
    Thanks David

    • Hi David,
      I meant to respond earlier this week and forgot. Sorry about that. We are including your question as part of Listener Questions in Monday’s episode (episode 17). We figured other people might have similar questions.



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  3. […] a while now, but recently a internet link domino-effect led me to Evil Sugar Radio’s blog. This post was the first I went for, and I rapidly noticed the hosts were not of the opinions I’ve grown […]