#24: The Best & Worst Health Trends of 2013

happy new year

This is episode 24 of Evil Sugar Radio. In this episode, we’re going to present our Top 10 Best & Top 10 Worst Health Trends of 2013. While there’s always plenty of negative things to point out, we also want to present you with a list of things we’ve seen this year that make us feel positively about 2014 and what people will achieve.

We hope you had a great 2013 and are looking forward to an even better 2014!

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Episode 24 Overview

Here’s an overview of what we’ll be talking about in this episode:

  • 10 Worst Trends in Health and Fitness
    • Bigotry & Ignorance
    • Mainstream Food Phobia
    • Low-Carb Extremism
    • Paleo Explodes
    • The Craziest of Diets
    • Bulletproof Coffee
    • CrossFit Gets Even More Popular
    • The Biggest Loser
    • Celebrity Health Gurus
    • PETA
  • 10 Worst Runners-Up
    • Sexual Predator Gurus
    • Random Rep/Day Challenges
  • 10 Best Trends in Health and Fitness
    • Improvements in Child & Teen Health
    • Bro Science Life
    • Growing Ranks of Skeptical People Willing To Challenge Gurus
    • An Increase in Logic & Rationality in Health and Fitness
    • Self-Approval
    • Paleo Explodes
    • Health Technologies
    • Flexible Dieting
    • CrossFit Gets Even More Popular
    • July 10th, 2013: Evil Sugar Radio launches with first episode
  • 10 Best Runners-Up
    • Hiring A Personal Trainer Improves Long-Term Results

Show Notes

Bro Science Life (https://www.youtube.com/user/BroScienceLife)

Glow in the dark sidewalks (http://www.slate.com/blogs/the_eye/2013/12/26/pro_teq_starpath_uses_solar_power_to_light_victoria_park_in_cambridge_england.html)

13 Major Clean Energy Breakthroughs Of 2013 (http://thinkprogress.org/climate/2013/12/18/3060131/13-clean-energy-breakthroughs-2013-2/#)

Hiring A Personal Trainer Improves Long-Term Results (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24276303)

Intro music from Baba Brinkman’s Revenge of the Somatic. Purchase any of Baba’s music at http://bababrinkman.bandcamp.com/

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  1. I don’t have any valuable to say, just want to encourage you to keep producing this great show.

    Enjoying it a lot!

  2. Stacey Earley says:

    Thank you for doing this podcast. I have bounced from fad to fad since I was a young girl, trying desperately to find the magic regime that would solve my terrible weight problem and turn me into a worthy, virtuous person. I’m now working with a trainer who advocates gradual change and sanity in all things. I found your site through Go Kaleo and it’s great to hear skepticism applied to the diet and fitness industries. I’ve been an atheist and science-based thinker and skeptic since I was a pre-teen. That I’ve never been able to apply this to my self-care is pretty indicative of how powerful this particular dogmatic thinking, as well as fat-shaming, actually are.

    Wanted to mention on specific thing about the craziness that is the gluten-free movement. I had a friend who endured a psychotic episode last year (won’t go into details, but it was related to Ambien abuse and yes, there was violence involved), and one particular vitriolic anti-gluten person in my town went on Facebook and claimed the guy lost his mind due to undiagnosed Celiac disease combined with the eating of carbs. People really think this way. Holy crap.

    You are performing a valuable public service!


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