#3: Eating The Food & Lifting The Things

Taco Tuesday

This is episode 3 of Evil Sugar Radio. In this episode, we’re going to go Q&A style about one of our favorite Facebook groups, Eating The Food. If you’re tired of living a lifestyle of restrictive diets, under-eating, guilt over dietary choices, and excessive exercising, this episode will get you started with the first two steps: Eating The Food and Lifting The Things.

Listen to this, then join the Eating The Food group and start being happy and healthy.

Episode 3 Overview

Here’s an overview of what we’ll be talking about in this episode:

  • What does “Eating The Food” mean?
  • How do I identify an eating disorder or disordered thinking about food?
  • What is “refeeding” and how do I know if it’s working?
  • Are you just telling people to eat a junk food diet?
  • What does it mean to “Lift The Things”?
  • How do I set reasonable expectations for ETF and LTT?
  • What are the benefits of refeeding and rehabbing my metabolism?


  1. These are terrific. More people need to hear about this and hopefullly DO something about cutting out the grains and sugar and forget their fat phobia.

    • Hi Suzanne,
      Actually, we don’t promote the removal of grains or sugar, either. We promote not having dogmatic ideas about certain foods being “bad”, including grains and sugar. There’s no evidence that the vast majority of people need to remove these foods.


  2. Yvonne Wagner says:

    Wow, just listened to you two guys chatting about food and eating etc’, etc’…….
    The Wow is unfortunately not from what wonderful insights you gave the world but how confusing you are to the general public. I totally agree about the influences for the worse on our minds regarding eating/not eating, what to eat, what not to eat, it’s never ending ! . But for goodness sake don’t encourage anyone to eat crap food saying that is better than other alternatives !!
    Of course Women are the poor creatures, nonsense information is aimed at, your little chat did nothing to help in anyway at all. we all need to fully educate ourselves, so that we make INFORMED choices. I think you added even more confusion to the everyday person. I am in no way saying I agree with calorie counting or low fat diets for instance. Look at the evidence all around us that this so called ‘health information’ hasn’t worked…… Read, read, read. Learn whose information is true and what is not. And yes it takes time and effort. you guys just confused the issue….. Yvie

  3. from 31:45-32:00 you’re saying then this doesn’t apply to the eating disordered obese as that is “being obese and overeating all the time” as someone who recently found ETF and was diagnosed with non purge bulimia nervosa a little over month ago and happens to be obese due to a lifetime of this bullshit, then being rejected for weightloss surgery, i found that to be confusing and somewhat insulting. I am curious if you would be willing to elaborate then on where “we” fit into this picture, or is it the same typical “put the fork down fatty” we only help the sad skinny girls type situation. So far i have loved the messages here so i look forward to hearing a response. take care, Cat

  4. Hey Cat, can you please elaborate on your question.

    What we explained in the show is applicable to various populations who have a history of ED. So if you don’t have a need to gain weight or restore metabolism now, you don’t have to focus on a refeed.

    If you are currently obese, then the group is still appropriate, but you may not need a refeed or to gain weight like others do. You may just need to make sure your eating enough for your lifestyle/activity and lifting appropriately and in therapy, if necessary.

    I’m not 100% clear on your question tbh …

  5. Hey Yvie

    This particular show (and FB group) is not applicable for the general population. This is a specific niche market (former ED, history of restrictive dieting) which we explained clearly. So maybe that is where your confusion stems from …

  6. Thank you for taking the time to respond Antonio, I in part answered my own question and you confirmed with your answer. Sorry that my question came out like word vomit without much direction at all, I was mainly curious how this type of refeed applied to obese with eating disorder. Sure i do not have to gain more weight, but i still have to recover from ED (with therapist as you mentioned, which i am) and as a result am gaining more while eating at TDEE which is working all kinds of crazy in my mind so the statement at 31:45-32:00 threw me for a loop and made me have a knee jerk ” i knew this was bullshit i really am overeating at TDEE put the fing fork down go back to 500 cal/day you don’t deserve to eat” moment, but It is clear now I had misinterpreted the message. Looking forward to listening to the next installment!

  7. Hi there! Love what you guys are doing. I’m a part-time PT and mental health advocate, and it’s really heartening to see some sound and balanced nutrition advice out there. However just one detail that’s been bugging me. I’ve listened to a few of your podcasts now and I note you often (and rightly) attack diet “plans” which encourage or necessitate an ortherexic set of behaviours. Could I ask I you to consider what you mean when you are saying this or that is ” a bit OCD”. OCD is another serious and often debilitating mental health condition. True to say that ED behaviours often have an element of OCD behaviours and the two conditions can co-exist. However it’s important to make the distinction between referring to a behaviours underlying an actual OCD diagnosis, and referring to behaviours which are part of a personality quirk i.e. fastidiousness, perfectionism, attention to detail which would not be considered clinically abnormal – that is because a lot of people are confused about this distinction with the inadvertant consequence of trivialising OCD.
    Thank you in advance for your support of the OCD community.


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