#5: Sol Orwell of Examine.com

Examine.com Supplement-Goals Reference Guide

This is episode 5 of Evil Sugar Radio. In this episode, we’re interviewing Sol Orwell of Examine.com. This episode is all about which supplements are over-hyped, which supplements are a good idea, general talk about the difference between good science and bad science, and some knowledge about supplementation with the fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E, & K). Plus, if you want to know where to get the best sushi, you’ll find out here.

Episode 5 Overview

Here’s an overview of what we’ll be talking about in this episode:

  • Who is Sol Orwell?
  • What is Examine.com?
  • Which supplements are a good idea?
  • Which supplements are over-hyped?
  • Supplementing the fat-soluble vitamins: A, D, E, & K
  • Probiotics: over-hyped or life-saver?
  • What’s the deal with testosterone boosting supplements?
  • What supplements do you need to take?
  • General myths and misconceptions about nutrition and supplements
  • How can Examine.com’s Supplement-Goals Reference Guide help you get closer to your health goals?